The Process

What is the process?

Where do you want to go …….?   How will you get there …….?

As a leader, achieving successful outcomes for your organization and maintaining focus on your personal evolution as a leader are more critical than ever.

Every engagement is uniquely tailored to the individual I am working with.

Each potential coaching partnership begins with a 45-minute complimentary session to assess chemistry, discuss the value of coaching and identify what you want to get from the process. Once we agree to work together, the next step is defining your desired outcomes for the coaching relationship and agreeing on how we will measure value.

Having a high level of empathy allows me to comprehend and understand a situation and individual at a deep level that translates into positive results.  My ability to hear what’s not being said combined with years of operating and coaching experience is how I help clients to achieve clarity and unlock their pathway to success.

My clients are successful executives – they got where they are by capitalizing on their unique talents and strengths.  The coaching process is not about “fixing” or “changing” individuals.  It is about each individual having an accurate strategic awareness of their natural core talents and potential blind spots. My coaching approach is drawn from multiple proven methodologies that assist individuals in developing and acting on their unique strategic awareness. 

What is the Value of Coaching?

Defining ROI and value is unique to each individual – and why it is an important part of my process to agree on qualitative and quantitative measures of success when launching a coaching engagement – ensuring there is alignment between coach and client on the objectives and desired outcomes, with a focus on how we will measure success.

Through the Executive Coaching process clients gain perspective, clarity, and insight that can facilitate and support strategic alignment, talent development, conflict resolution, enhanced communications, stakeholder buy-in, and ultimately maximize success and impact for them.  Together we create a plan that focuses on tangible success measures for the coaching engagement, prioritizing what will have the greatest impact at the individual, team or organizational level. 


We define the objectives, develop measures of success, understanding that as the work/partnership evolves we can pivot or add to it.


Coaching is often associated with the need to “fix” something or help underperformers. My approach is focused on helping successful people elevate to the next level by gaining clarity, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to have greater impact and achieve personal goals.


Success is defined differently for every client, which is why each coaching engagement is uniquely tailored to the individual and their goals, with a focus on defining measurable results.